‘ABOVE’- 2021

Concept art for (up coming) full length animation based in Warsaw 1943.

Garden study. Night.

‘Garden study (daytime)’

‘German soldiers including principle officer and dog plus collaborator’.

‘Three principle characters- Nina, Benia, Anya’

‘Albisia’- principle character in her kitchen with the entrance to the crawl space above the cooker.

‘Stork on roof from opening titles’

‘Train and cattle truck studies’

‘Guard dog studies’

‘Marcin and Andrej see the Russian tank which means the war is over.’

‘Horse and rocket scene’

‘The Germans retreat using anything they can find.’

‘Studies for the German officers’

‘Studies for Albisia’s nightmare.’

‘ABOVE’ poster concept

Currently in pre-production 2021.

All concept work in Photoshop, Procreate and Illustrator, copywright Tony O’Keeffe/ AGATOn Animation studio 2021

Illustration & Storyboards

Selection of images from ‘Tower Of Pressure’ graphic novel written by Agnieszka Szczepanska. 2018TOP sample panel 01TOP sample panel 02TOP sample panel 03TOP sample panel 04TOP sample panel 05TOP sample panel 06Latest ongoing illustration projects, character developments, storyboards and sketchbook work.

Polish Rainbow Factory

All we need is permission from the Polish government, the necessary financial backing (and the technology to make the rainbows) and we could achieve our dream of establishing a rainbow factory in the beautiful Tatry mountains!Polish rainbow factory.

Concept art – ‘The Polish Rainbow Factory’ O’Keeffe 2019