Character & Concept Design Portfolio-2023

Character and concept art for new major animation project coming soon.

All work copyright to Tony O’Keeffe 2023. For more information please email-

Character design- “Humphrey transformed state.

Sketches exploring options for character empowerment that doesn’t simply increase the scale of the original cat.

Character design – “Jasper”

Sketches exploring clothing and hair options for 11 year old autistic character.

Character design- “ Mr Cavill” 2023
Character design- “Sneaky Snake’ 2023
Character design – ‘Fab Flair’ 2023
Character design- ‘Mr Rigby’ 2023
Character design – ‘Mrs Rigby’ 2923
Early character design – ‘Mr Cavill’ mk2 2023
Character design- ‘Mrs Cavill’ 2023
Character design sketches- Patti hair options 2023
Character design- Mr Wilson & Humphrey 2023
Character design- ‘Lady Barbra’ 2023
Character design- ‘Wilda the housekeeper’ 2023

For more info please email –

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