The Smith (Part 2)- ‘Would you like to touch my fluffy tail?”

Disclaimer- Again I personally wouldn’t read this to anybody under twelve but I leave it up to your discretion.

Dedicated to the memory of David Smith and to all brave people who suffer terrible consequences for doing the right thing.

Part two in which Mitty’s big sister Meeny moves in to the field with her weird boyfriend….The smith p12The smith p13The smith p14The smith p15The smith p16The smith p17The smith p18

Part three – ‘The horror, the terror’ is coming tomorrow! 

The Smith (part 1)


Part one of my book about the life of David Smith.

I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable reading this to anyone under 11/12 years of age- As in life there is some violence and there is some swearing which I’ve handled as carefully as I could but I don’t feel it’s suitable for young people simply because there are some things in the world that we are better off learning about as late as possible and this is one of them.

I dedicate this book to David’s memory and to all brave, good people who suffer for doing the right thing.The Smith cover a1The smith p1The smith p2The smith p3The smith p4The smith p5The smith p6The smith p7The smith p8The smith p9The smith p10The smith p11

(Part Two is coming soon)

Group concept multi figure, May 2019

Group concept study 26

I realised looking back through my character studies that i often visualise a figure from the same angle/perspective so I should in theory be able to combine the studies into one piece. I made a believable environment and lit the figures from the same source.

Degas said ‘a work of art is never finished just abandoned by the artist at some point’, I stopped when the piece seemed to stand on its own but I could have gone on forever.

Polish Rainbow Factory

All we need is permission from the Polish government, the necessary financial backing (and the technology to make the rainbows) and we could achieve our dream of establishing a rainbow factory in the beautiful Tatry mountains!Polish rainbow factory.

Concept art – ‘The Polish Rainbow Factory’ O’Keeffe 2019