Digital Portfolio 2022

Medical instruments, pathology tools and equipment- studies for reference from The Thackray Museum, Leeds UK for a game in dev. Hadn’t planned on establishing a colour theme but the green in the background ended up being used as the primary mood- the darkness of the tone or hue suited the atmosphere and lighting perfectly. You can almost smell that operating theatre-green!

  1. The (terrifying) iron lung ! This was the adult version…the child sized one was simply too sad to draw!
(Made with Procreate on an iPad Pro classic 2nd gen+ IPencil )

Concept work for :Solarpunk Atomhawk July 2019
Hybrid vehicles and supply carriers for the modern pioneers based on albatross, ape, dragonfly, ostrich and horse skeletons.
Solarpunk –
“In a billion years from now, when the sun has burnt down to a blue dwarf and the iron core of the earth has caused all the seas to turn to rust, humankind will develop technologies for turning the rusty, red oceans into fuel and food. There will be plenty for everyone and lots of time off. …in a billion years from now.”

Solarpunk:atomhawk (final piece)

finished concept design piece – Solarpunk, Atomhawk 2019

solarpunk:atomhawk (preliminary sketch for solar panel technology)

Preliminary studies for Solarpunk 2019solarpunk (sketch 04)

Polish rainbow factory.

Polish Rainbow Factory 2019

Welcome to Hawaii

Welcome to Hawaii, so this Hawaii is broken, its Ok there are other Hawaii’s?

Ship 66Transport and travel droids for the future.Top_16_Helmets

Tower Of Pressure sample panel 01
Sample panel from ‘Tower Of Pressure’ 2018

Character design sheet example 060
Character development sheet 060

Character design exercise sheet 06 2018

Tower Of Pressure page 6, 2018

Tower of Pressure (page 5) 2018

Sketchbook 29
Sketchbook page (30)

Sketchbook 30
Digital drawing- The Garden in Warsawa

Tightrope number 52
Tightrope number 52, 2018

Tower Of Pressure page 11, 2018

Tower Of Pressure page 9, 2018

TOP sample panel 02TOP sample panel 04TOP sample panel 05TOP sample panel 06

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