Illustration 2021

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‘Tulips, sketching during the Poland game 2021

‘Patsi’ character study. 2021

‘Tower Of Pressure” 2021

Excerpt from Orthopedia handbook 2020- (Illustrator)

Front cover for “The Smith” 2021

Live drawing from Alexander McQueen’s “13”

Logo for Hebden Bridge Motorcycle club 2021

Viz com BAGS!
viz com HELMETS!

Excerpt from “Patsi & Pete” pencil and paper 2021

Digital roses made in Illustrator 2021

Golden portrait study 2021

Lockdown poems- The Floating Bear 2021

Illustration for “The Family” 2021

‘Pandalife’! 2021

“Let us be lovers, we’ll marry our fortunes together…” 2021 ink on paper

EH Shepherd parody style illustration 2021 ink and watercolour on paper

Excerpt from ‘The Smith”

Excerpt from “Immi The Friendly Spider” 2020

Sleepy giraffe, pentel brush pen on cappuccino paper 2020

Vincents digital sunflowers, Illustrator 2021

A spider’s bed made from a feather. Digital Procreate 2021

‘…and happiness reigned’ excerpt from ‘The Smith’ 2020

Excerpt from ‘The Smith”

Concept location study for ‘ABOVE’ digital painting 2021

Live ocean crab study 2021 procreate

Excerpt from ‘Immi the friendly spider’ 2021

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