Books & Publications 2019

Upcoming New Releases for 2019

“Immi Goes Home- The Adventures Of A Cheerful Spider”

Written by Aga Szczepanska & illustrated by Tony O’Keeffe

Fully illustrated 100 page book for children aged 5-12 years old about a helpful spider called ‘Immi’ who suddenly loses his home and is forced to travel to find a new place to live.

An adventure story for our times about people who are different and the struggle to find somewhere to belong: Just because somebody is different doesn’t necessarily mean we should be afraid of them. Everyone deserves a home.

Immi’s story is a thinly disguised metaphor for immigrants and the subtext of the book is about belonging, values, home, acceptance and many other issues that face immigrants in today’s changing society.

Immi_Cover 2


Patti & Pete- ‘Adventure At Orient House’

New graphic novel featuring young detectives Patti and Pete from the immensely successful, four book series ‘Patka & Pepe’.

First fully illustrated graphic novel featuring the incredibly popular Patti and Pete as they have an amazing adventure full of twists and turns in an old mysterious mansion block.

With strong underlying themes of friendship, ecology, problem solving, equality and different cultures aimed at young readers between the ages of 7-14 years old.

40 pages

Patka_Orient_Cover 3

*Other works in pre-production

” Planet B”-a graphic novel for teenagers about four siblings settling on a new planet. Adventure, science, inter-galactic travel, ecology, climate changes and love altogether in one amazing story.*


Planet B cover

Patka & Pepe- Volumes 1-4

“First Mystery”- available in Polish and English

Patti and Pete meet for the first time in a mysterious hotel in a small village in the mountains during the winter holidays. They encounter an enormous mystery and establish an enduring friendship. For children aged six to twelve years old.

With underlying themes of cooperation, teamwork, equality between the genders, ecology and the mysteries of words and language. Extremely adventurous and dark story widely adored by Polish readers.

Patka & Pepe Facebook –

128 pages

patka i pepe. 1sza zagadka okładka książki

Upcoming in 2020:

“The Mystery Of The Medusa” available in Polish, English version for 2020

160 pages

Patka i Pepe T.Meduzy okładka obrazek


“Mystery Of The Skyscraper”- available in Polish, English version for 2020

178 pagesokładka Patka i Pepe wieżowiec


“Adventure In Brazil” -available in Polish, English version for 2020

178 pagesPatka i Pepe Aventura OK OK


About the authors-

Aga Szczepanska well known Polish writer for children and adults, specialising in adventure stories around the themes of equality, ecology, friendship and much more. Creator of extremely popular literary workshops “How to build a secret” and “How to build a comic book”, Aga is extremely passionate about encouraging children to read books and write their own stories. Having produced over four hundred workshops all over Europe, Aga continues to spread the joy of words and secrets and provokes young minds into new heights of creativity.ńska

Tony O’Keeffe- illustrator, artist. Having graduated from Saint Martins in ’95, Tony has exhibited internationally.