Character design sheet LCC2018 concept art for computer games.

To employ eighteen identical templates in order to demonstrate the importance of lighting, weight, space and the other formal issues that constitute drawing.tony-o-keeffe character design

Figures 1&2 and 7&8 are the male and female templates for the exercise.

Figures 2&3 and 8&9 are shrouded in (red) semi transparent drapes to accentuate the light as it falls from above and to the left.

The halloween costume skeleton figures draw attention to the ‘bones’ as they appear two dimensionally on the skin and not as a representation of the skeletonThink about the contrast in the generic male and female clothing- waist heights, looseness of clothing or difference in the weights of fabrics (which influences how they hang or change in motion).

Think about the lighting as it hits the subject and use examples that demonstrate an understanding of a variety of technical and formal aspects of drawing such as space, transparency, colour and articulation (of the joints of the figure). Always include the shadow and the direction of the light.

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